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Kip Winger arranged and orchestrated classical versions of two of his hit songs for piano, harp, cello and voice.

For sonic reasons, Kip wanted to have all the musicians together in one room, so to record the tracks, we went to Sound Kitchen’s “Big Boy” studio. Harpist Phyllis Sparks, cellist John Catchings and pianist Emily were set-up on the main tracking floor so that they could see and hear each other easily.

It was a very fun session and I think the tracks very cool. I’ll let you know where you can hear them when they are completed.

Back in 2003, I recorded and mixed the score for The Dance- the Billy Roth Story, a documentary about a man who, for over 40 years, was a volunteer boxing coach at Angola prison in Louisiana. I thought it was a great story and that the film was very well done (I’m a big fan of documentaries).

I came across these articles about Nicholas Cage and 50 Cent making a feature film from the story. Check it out.

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