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No, it’s not a salad dressing.

Gary Lensenmayer, of Busch Gardens- Williamsburg, came to town to record performance tracks for their new stage show, Viva Italia.

The score, written by Lensanmeyer, borrows from classic Italian opera, Romantic Italian balads and everything in between.

We recorded and mixed the orchestrations at Sound Kitchen with a 7 piece rhythm section and a 25 piece orchestra.

Texas country singer Pat Green was in with his band today tracking a new commercial for Dodge Trucks for audio-branding specialists IV music.

It was a great session… bass, drums, 2 guitars, fiddle, B-3 and steel all went down live here at My Space Recording.

The spot – titled Texas Truck Stop – has a definite Rock /Country edge and is scheduled to begin airing in March.

Different huh?

Take a look around, there are all kinds of new things on the site. The ipod on the home page is playing some of the projects I’ve done. There is a 360º walk thru of Studio A on the Studio page. Coming soon… a webtools page for registered clients with easy integration of ftp and source connect technology. And even a PayPal® link.

Please reach out and let me know what you think.

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