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Last weekend I was invited to Montana for the wedding of my friend and former colleague, James Bauer.

James, who engineered and assisted both freelance and on staff at OmniSound studio, left Nashville a few years ago and settled in the heart of Big Sky Country, Bozeman Montana.

It is not enough to say that I enjoyed meeting his friends and the family of his wife, Heather Flechsenhar. The people I met were wonderful.

I miss having James around, but am truly glad he’s found a home in Montana.

You can make a Simpsons character of yourself at

too much fun!

Unfortunately, I really do look like that

Flat Stanley
There’s always a sub-culture!

Cult figure Flat Stanley has never been more popular. People mail paper cut-out’s of the character all over the world. Recent features include appearances on Oprah, and as a guest of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, on the space shuttle, and news coverage of his visit to the White House. Flat Stanley has also made cameos on The West Wing, ER, The Daily Show, and with Clint Eastwood at the Academy Awards.

Last week engineer Dan Rudin recorded the tracks for Intramusic’s newest theatrical release, The Adventures of Flat Stanley. The show, based on the children’s book, was created by Tim McDonald, Bryan Louiselle and Stephen Gabriel with orchestrations by Buddy Skipper and Chris McDonald.

Above L-R: Dan Rudin, Stephen Gabriel, Tim McDonald, Chris McDonald and Buddy Skipper.

The tracks feature a Five piece rhythm section and four horns. The music, composed by Louiselle, was deep and challenging!!!

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