Loud Horns

May 19th-23rd, I tracked the first release for the Loud Horns band (sponsored by Loud Mouthpieces). The band plays an aggressive style of jazz/funk/rock that I think is very cool. Comprised of a drum set, bass, keyboard, and guitar rhythm section and the unusual line-up of 3 trumpets, 2 bones, 1 French horn and a tuba, the band has it’s own unique sound while paying homage to Maynard Ferguson, Chick Corea and other jazz greats.

The big surprise for me was trying out a pair of Cascade Fat Head mics on the trumpets. I liked them so much that I bought 2 sets!! www.cascademicrophones.com

Mixing should be done by the end of this month…

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  1. WOW! I just heard this on WMOT. Even without knowing the name of the band, I knew the “bone” solo was Barry Green. This is a tremendous CD!
    Dan, didn’t you engineer the Barry Green Yellow Jackets effort some time back? Another kick-ass effort that I don’t think has ever been released… or has it?


  2. Dan Rudin says:

    Hey John,

    Thanks! I’m so happy to have worked on this CD. Yes, I did produce and engineer the Barry Green Jazz Machine EP. No, we never did release it, though it may be high time we did!

    Thanks again


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