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Video Reel screen shot

I’ve added a flash video reel with some of my work for picture. I’ll be adding more clips as I crunch them to flv. These examples feature some of the many fun things I do in the studio, including sound design, composition, mixing and editing.

In 2007, I had the opportunity to work with FlickerLab animation company on an animation segment for the documentary film “Bigger, Stronger, Faster”. The film, released today in theaters across the country, explores the use of steroids and performance enhancers in American culture.

The animation segment was dropped from the theatrical release (for fear of legal repercussions), but is slated to be included in the DVD release of the film. The segment is a musical tribute to steroids, composed by me with lyrics by film producer Alex Buono and FlickerLabs’ Harold Moss. The song, “Steroids” was orchestrated by Chris McDonald and I recorded and mixed it here at My Space Recording with a small orchestra (featuring Steve Kummer on piano).

I hope to include the piece on a soon-to-be-added video reel on my site.

Keep an eye out for this movie, it looks to be great!

May 26th-30th, we recorded vocals for MTI / Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Jr.

The cast was auditioned and conducted by Lori Casteel with production by myself and David Weinstein. The reduced length show is part of MTI’s extensive Broadway Jr. collection aimed at involving a new generation in stage performance.

Loud Horns

May 19th-23rd, I tracked the first release for the Loud Horns band (sponsored by Loud Mouthpieces). The band plays an aggressive style of jazz/funk/rock that I think is very cool. Comprised of a drum set, bass, keyboard, and guitar rhythm section and the unusual line-up of 3 trumpets, 2 bones, 1 French horn and a tuba, the band has it’s own unique sound while paying homage to Maynard Ferguson, Chick Corea and other jazz greats.

The big surprise for me was trying out a pair of Cascade Fat Head mics on the trumpets. I liked them so much that I bought 2 sets!!

Mixing should be done by the end of this month…

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