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The services offered at webmix are not designed to compete with my full production, recording and mixing services, but to extend my mix engineering to a new group of musicians and artists.  Now that great performances can be captured almost anywhere, the need for an experienced mixer to pull all the pieces together is greater than ever.

Available in 5 languages, webmix has been custom designed to make it easy to hire a pro mix engineer from anywhere in the world.

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IV music‘s German office came in to my studio with an interesting job last week. Working on an ad campaign for German car manufacturer Opel, I mixed 6 different versions of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” (one of which I arranged and produced) in one day! Each version was arranged in a completely different genre; indie folk, lounge jazz, pop punk, euro country, trance, and rap.

I thought it was a very cool bunch of tracks, check it out.

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