It all began with a phone call from Mr. Gary Burnette.

“Hey Dan, can you track for a couple of days next month?”
I check my calendar. “Sure, I’d love to. What you got?”
“An artist from Puerto Rico named Ednita Nazario”
Well, I love artists from PR… I’ve worked several including Tommy Torres. “Yeah, I’d love to do that!” I reply.

Gary is a major league session guitarist (and a good friend) and in addition to producing projects himself, he often helps clients book players, studios and engineers for sessions. I agreed to do the session and Gary promised to call soon with more details. That, as they say, was that.

“Dan?” It’s 3 days later. “Well, they decided to go with another engineer and another studio”.

This is not that unusual. Ours is a fickle business. “No problem GB, we’ll do it next time.”

Forward 3 weeks to a message on my voice mail.

“Hi Dan,” says a cheerful voice. “This is Gilles Godard from Ole music. I understand from a friend in Miami that you recorded one of my songs with Ednita Nazzario!” hmmm.

So I called Gilles back, introduced myself and apologized but, no, I didn’t do Ednita’s record. After we chatted for a couple minutes I began to think that this guy sounded really interesting. I invited him to come meet me for the usual tour of the studio and hang time.

Today I met Gilles. He is the kind of forward thinking music industry pro that you hope everyone to be (though, usually…) and hopefully we will find ways to work together.

I thought this was a good example of the universe throwing seemingly random bits together to create good.

Oh, and last night my family and I saw a meteor streak through the Tennessee sky.

All is well.

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