This tree has endured much hardship

This tree has endured much

For many, 2009 was indeed the year of survival. Jobs were lost, business slow or non-existent, health care a bloody mess.

I’ve always told my kids that challenges, mistakes and accidents are there for us to learn from; so I wondered, “what have I learned from 2009?”

1. Dignity is more important than wealth.

2. Kindness and generosity are always rewarded, but reward’s not the reason to be kind or generous.

3. Truly understand that “fear is the mind killer, fear is the little death that causes total obliteration” – Dune by Frank Herbert

4. Free enterprise will endure. Those who thrive will be those who will “learn how to price and market goods whose marginal cost is zero. They will learn to profit from giving value away. They will prefer collaboration to competition. They will assume responsibility for the newly measurable ‘externalities’ they impose on their societies”. – Chris Meyer,

5. Don’t panic. Panic leaves us unable to move, change or adapt; this immobility further leaves others powerless to help us.

Pass these on if they ring true to you, or share your own “realities” from 2009

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  1. Dan
    I love simply that you are a thinker…

    Your 5 statements are so true and that you take time to lay down some heart felt philosophy with everything else you got going is admirable. I passed them along

    Wisdom is nothing if it leads us to nothing
    We have lived these things to know them…. They are not just proud words on a dusty shelf


    1. Fate is cruel
    2. Kindness and generosity are an unchangeable way of life for some of us in the face of rule number one
    3. A day above ground is a good day so don’t waste it

    C ya tomorrow
    Bryan A

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