With several songs in the pipeline for the new Rock Band Network, I thought I’d post a couple of videos for you to check out. We author all the game play gems, the character behavior, lip sync, lighting, camera cuts… you name it. Check these out. You’ll be able to buy and play these songs on the Rock Band Network as soon as it’s open.

We’ll update with final video as soon as it’s possible.

Here’s a very early preview of “Redemption” by Andy Timmons. (No overdrive in this beta)

Please see our new Vimeo page for this video

A preview of “Too Hot To Handle” by (Kung Fu Fighting) Carl Douglas

Please see our new Vimeo page for this video

2 Responses to “Rock Band Videos 1”

  1. James says:

    Just one criticism, I believe that you are not allowed to use green/blue/orange chords, or any that stretch your fingers besides green/orange. However, your charts look very good. Even professional in my opinion.

  2. Dan Rudin says:

    Thanks powerlifter! They should look professional… we’re professionals!
    Those gr/or chords have been changed… these were very early betas intended for artist review of ruff game play. I’ll replace them soon with current vids, just too busy to handle that right now 🙂


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