orchestra for MTI's Miss Saigon

Orchestra recording for MTI's Miss Saigon

I am currently working on a new recording of Miss Saigon for MTI (in conjunction with Cameron Mackintosh). David Weinstein did the modified orchestration and conducted the orchestra during recording last week. Because of the pit-sized orchestra, I elected to record this project in layers here at my studio (rather than all players at once in a larger studio as I often do), tracking drum set, electric bass and guitars separately from the Strings, winds and brass.

The strings and winds were captured with tube and solid state condensers (mostly Neumann) through the Chilton console. The body of the sound was from the TLM’s up on the decca tree.

In the other room, Trumpet and Bone were recorded with Ribbons (RCA 77DX and Coles 4038 respectively) and French Horn with a Shure KSM 32. All three went through our Ampex 351’s.

We were fortunate to have wonderful players and a great score and everything went on schedule and sounds great.

Now I just have to mix it all!!!

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