Here’s a video taken by an audience member at a performance of Busch Gardens new musical, “CelticFyre”. I recorded and mixed the music for play-back with music director/arranger Gary Lensenmayer. The majority of the tracks were recorded here at my studio, with the Celtic dance sections at Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin with composer Colm O’Foghlu. I think the choreography and cast are great. Check it out, it’s in three parts if you get hooked!

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  1. Kim says:

    Where can I get the music I saw it for the 3rd time and I just NEED to have the soundtrack!!!

  2. Dan Rudin says:

    Hi Kim,

    They haven’t released a soundtrack CD that I’m aware of, but good news, SeaWorld/Busch Gardens is going to begin making CD’s of some shows. I’ll let them know you’re dying for this one! (it’s a great show, isn’t it?)

  3. Frank says:

    I love this show. This year was probably the best cast that they had for the show since 2010. This year I decided that since Busch Gardens has never started a fan page for the show I would create one on Facebook for it. You can find the page by doing a search on Facebook for it. On the site I have pictures and video of the show. I posted all the videos on the site along with all the pictures from 2010 thru July 2012. The pictures from August & September 2012 were posted by a friend who also does freelance photography work for Busch Gardens & other people. I notice that the video you link to on this page has been taken down by whoever posted it. If you want to link to another video, I have posted the entire final show of this season on YouTube in 2 parts. My user name on YouTube is Timeman1966. I really hope that Busch does eventually release a CD of the music from this show.

  4. Dan Rudin says:

    Awesome Frank, thanks for sharing this!


  5. Sebastian Dorado says:

    I am absolutely fascinated with the show. If I wanted to listen to music from the show or something very similar, who would you recommend I search?

  6. Dan Rudin says:

    Sadly, this soundtrack is not for sale at this time. If you liked the show, I’d suggest having a look at compass records, they specialize in Irish/Celtic music and have some great artists.

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