Dan Rudin at work tracking Camp Rock

At work tracking Camp Rock

In the last week of July, production for Disney’s “Camp Rock – The Musical” began in earnest here at our studio. The musical is a new theatrical work based on the songs and characters of Disney Channel movies “Camp Rock” and “Camp Rock 2” (set to air Sept 3).

Pre-production programming for the tracking was handled by show arranger/ co-writer David Lawrence, Kurt Gobel of WorldWideGroove Corp, and myself. Musicians for the tracking dates were the incredible John Hammond on Drums, Craig Nelson on bass, Paul Brannon, Jerry McPherson and Tom Hemby on guitars and Kurt Gobel and Steve Kummer on keyboards.

The trick on this job, as is usual when adapting a pop/rock work for theater, was to keep all the intensity and flavor of the highly polished original recordings in a more band-friendly arrangement. I think this came off withoue a hitch thanks to some carefully planning and the insane talents of the players.

The vocal recording schedule was intense, but handled with style by all of the singers and vocal contractor/conductor Lori Casteel.

Lots and lots of gear was used for the instrument and vocal tracking, including the Chilton, Avalon and our hand-built Ampex mic pres, Neumann , Shure, AKG and Calrec microphones and, of course, the Neve V3 holding it all together fat burning tablets.

I’m excited as I dive into mix, I’ll try to share the finished product when we’re done.

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