Several years ago, Avid added a light version of Sibelius notation software to their flagship workstation, Pro Tools. While I don’t rely on Pro Tools’ notation capabilities for any involved work, it is often useful for printing out a part for a player or two.

A short while back I was lamenting to my friend John Hinchey, international Sibelius wizard (and more), that I was unable to print a violin part from Pro Tools on just one stave… it always defaulted to a grand staff (treble and bass staves together, like piano music.) He was kind enough to look into it and I pass along his solution. Of course, it might have been in the manual, but since I stubbornly haven’t opened a Pro Tools manual since 1991…..

First, open in a track in the score editor window. You can select multiple tracks at a time if you have several you want to set to the same setting.

Next, in the upper right corner, click on the circle with the arrow to the right of the word ‘Tracks’







Then select notation display track settings:








And finally pick your clef/staff












That’s all there is to it, enjoy!

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