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Ground To Crown is a short form documentary film about a team of tree climbers from Cornell University and their annual trip to climb the Giant Sequoia trees in California to aid U.C. Berkeley. The film was produced by the climbers themselves, directed and edited by Colin Crilley. The film tells a compelling story and shares the experience and excitement of climbing trees that are nearly 300 feet tall and is full of beautiful camera work by director of photography Jake Rudin. Yes, it’s cool to work on a film that my son is in!

For the score I composed, I wanted to convey a feeling of “Americana” that would compliment the truly American vistas and experience of being around and up in the Giant Sequoia trees. Using a mix of acoustic instruments and a bit of electric guitar for the more driving sections, I’m quite happy with the way the score enhances and helps move the story telling along. Though I performed most of the music myself, Violinist David Davidson added great quantities of goodness to the cues.

On the technical side, I also did the final film mix. Mix was in stereo at -23LKFS EBU-R128 standard. I used (and loved) the ultra-cool Nugen VizLM metering plugin.

The film is being entered in several festivals, so I’ll let you know where and when you’ll be able to see it.

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