This Year, we were honored to compose and produce all the music for two new SeaWorld events; Pop, a bubble art show featuring 19-time Guiness World record holder Fan Yang and Electric Ocean, a night-time EDM event featuring Cirque style acts and a Fireworks spectacular.

Pop was a great team effort… composition by Chris McDonald and Kurt Goebel with composition design by me and orchestrations by Chris. The score features harp and a 16 voice choir with synth and a 64 piece orchestra.

Here’s a video of the show

Electric Ocean features original EDM compositions by Josh Harris, Russ Macklin, Josh Hawkins and Worldwide Groove Corp. Ignite, the 10 minute night-time spectacular features Fountains, Lasers, Fireworks and Flame Cannons, all set to the score Kurt Goebel composed and Chris orchestrated – it’s epic! All produced and recorded here at DRR&P. The soundtrack will soon be released for sale… stay tuned.

Check out this video

3 Responses to “SeaWorld Orlando’s new POP and Electric Ocean shows”

  1. Stephen says:

    Do you know when the ignite music will go on sale?

  2. Dan Rudin says:

    We just finished mastering SeaWorld Orlando’s Electric Ocean, including Ignite, for sale. SW should announce it soon.

  3. Stephen says:

    Great thanks for the quick response and great music.

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