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Carl Douglas

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting. Literally everybody. In 1974, Jamaican singer and songwriter Carl Douglas had a world-wide number one hit with “Kung Fu fighting”. He went on to record several other albums as an artist as well as writing music for film and television.

I just finished mixing several songs for Carl’s newest release with other songs being done by my friend and colleague Richard Dodd.  Among his incredible list of credits, Richard engineered “Kung Fu Fighting” as well as many other songs with Carl.  This record has a cool blend of the old and new; contemporary grooves and hip hop influenced tracks mixed with Carl’s deep disco influences. With appearances by Sly and Robbie, Johnny Guitar Watson, Billy Preston, Jackie Mittoo and many others… well, you have to hear it for yourself. I’ll let you know when it’s out.

Boni y Kelly

Boni y Kelly

I’m currently mixing the new release from spanish pop stars Boni and Kelly (BnK). These tracks, produced by Jose Miguel Velasquez, are smokin! Jose Miguel is one of those great producers who brings you tracks that sound like a record; great songs, great vocals, great musicians… what a pleasure. With the producer in Miami and the artists in Madrid we are using the Radio Page to it’s fullest!

Again, I’ll post when this record is available as well.

I’ve been working on some very cool projects lately. Here’s a sample.

I broke out the Blue Sky 5.1 monitor system to mix a couple of songs for the upcoming Universal Pictures film, “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything”. I was also music editor for the film score, composed by Kurt Heinecke.

Chris McDonald composed another album of instrumental music. We recorded the tracks here at My Space, overdubbed the Orchestra at Sound Emporium studio and came back here for mix.

Drummer/ Producer Bob Mater brought a project for me to mix for Mastron Music Group.

And currently I am recording tracks for iTheatrics (New York) production of “The Phantom Tollbooth”. A musical adaptation of Norton Juster’s classic book with lyrics by Sheldon Harnick (Fiddler on the Roof), and score by Arnold Black. Harnick and iTheatrics’ David Weinstein are in from New York to supervise the sessions at My Space Recording.

above: Dan Rudin and Sheldon Harnick

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