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129 pieces

Orchestral Recording at Ocean Way Nashville

Orchestral Recording at Ocean Way Nashville

Wow, what a month. In just four weeks I’ve recorded orchestral scores for 4 productions I’m doing. Two great projects for Disney, The Little Mermaid and an adaptation of Winnie The Pooh, an adaptation of The Wizard of Oz, and a new Christmas show for Busch Gardens Williamsburg featuring scoring from the Vancouver Olympic opening ceremony. All told, 129 pieces of music.
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IV music‘s German office came in to my studio with an interesting job last week. Working on an ad campaign for German car manufacturer Opel, I mixed 6 different versions of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” (one of which I arranged and produced) in one day! Each version was arranged in a completely different genre; indie folk, lounge jazz, pop punk, euro country, trance, and rap.

I thought it was a very cool bunch of tracks, check it out.

It has arrived! A new Power Mac 8 core (“the Ocho”) and Protools HD3 Accel is now in service as the main PT rig in Studio A.

Work on tracking room A2 got completed JUST enough to host sessions for the new broadway adaptation of Disney’s High School Musical 2. Music adapter/ arranger/ composer Bryan Louiselle was in from NYC to produce and conduct. Mixing for the project is in progress.

Gary Lensenmayer, music director for Busch Gardens, was in to record tracks for the theme park’s hard rock Halloween shows. We all had WAY too much fun getting paid to record a bunch of classic rock tracks!


Miami producer (and drummer extrodinaire) Lee Levin was in to capture some pedal steel overdubs, played by Russ Pahl, for an new album by Latin artist Ricardo Arjona. Our brand new radio page technology was used so that co-producer Dan Warner could join the session from miami… it was a big sucess.

I recorded string section overdubs for urban gospel great Dave Hollister’s second release on Zomba records, “Witness Protection”. The orchestrations were done by the legendary Chris McDonald.

Finally, but certainly not least, Composers/ songwriters Larry Lees and Amanda Morton were in for several days to record the score to a new musical theater work “16 days”. If the score is any indication, the show promises to be worthy of note. Pianist Steve Kummer, along with Craig Nelson on bass, John Hammond on drums and Eric Darken on percussion really helped take the project to another level. Certainly a treat for me to produce and engineer.

Musicians for this 16 days and Busch Gardens were contracted by DSB Music, a partnership between Dan Rudin and Chris McDonald to further the turn key services offered through Dan Rudin Audio Productions.

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