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Recording  James and The Giant Peach at MSR Studios

Recording James and The Giant Peach at MSR Studios

2014 was such a wonderful year for us. Among the many, many wonderful projects, The Chris McDonald Jazz Orchestra’s No Pews Required and two big album releases in Latin music, Oscar d’Leon’s Classicos de Big Band and Ricardo Arjona’s Viaje were especially fun to contribute to. Read the rest of this entry »

Thought I’d share this fan video of the Christmas parade I just did in September. Though it’s hard to discern the individual float audio, you can get a rough idea of how complicated the audio production for a parade can be. There are looped sections for marches, and each float has it’s own unique overlay music and voice playback that has to be perfectly synched to the underlaying music playing through speaker systems along the parade route.

Caution: the first section loops until around 5:09… this may cause you agony, so feel free to skip ahead!

Here’s a fan video of the new show, “Mickey and Company,” in the Diamond Horseshoe Theatre at Tokyo Disneyland that I recorded and mixed back in January. It’s always fun to see how everything works together in the final production. We recorded all of the music here in Nashville, background vocals and mixing in the Disney production studios in Orlando.

The Diamond Horseshoe creative team

2013 started off with three non-stop weeks of show production and recording – five different shows! I’ll try to re-capture some of the fun for you.

I recorded and mixed a score for Disney Land Tokyo’s Diamond Horseshoe Dinner Theatre. A Vaudeville show with a western flavor, composer/arranger Greg Smith wrote for a 10 piece band contracted by accordionist Jeff Taylor (The Time Jumpers, Elvis Costello) that featured a “western swing-horn band” with some killer players like guitarist Bryan Sutton, trombonist Barry Green and fiddler Matt Combs.

After recording the orchestra at The Tracking Room Studio, I mixed the project Read the rest of this entry »

My Son Pinocchio Orchestra with Dan Rudin and Stephen Schwartz

My Son Pinocchio Orchestra

It was certainly no surprise when, in 2009, Stephen Schwartz was inducted into the American Songwriter Hall of Fame. He’s been much awarded and has written some of my favorite shows in musical theatre (Godspell, Pippin and, of course, Wicked) as well as songs for the films Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Enchanted and Geppetto. I was asked by Disney Theatrical to produce the recording of Stephen’s stage adaptation of Geppetto, My Son Pinocchio, so after much prep work, arranger/orchestrator David Weinstein, vocal contractor Lori Casteel, Stephen and I settled into The Tracking Room Studio in Nashville for the orchestra recording dates. Read the rest of this entry »

Dan Rudin recording Disney's Tarzan

Tarzan tracking session

Here’s some bits from recent projects Tarzan, Equinox Jazz Orchestra, Disney’s Peter Pan Jr and SeaWorld’s Shamu’s Rockin’ Creepshow. Each project had it’s own set of challenges and each was uniquely gratifying.

Miking the bass section

Once again, fall has proven to be a very busy time here at DRR&P. Since the first week of October I have produced 2 shows for Disney Theatrical, a junior version of Peter Pan and a definitive recording of Tarzan (great music by Phil Collins), SeaWorld Orlando’s new Christmas spectacular, “O Wondrous Night”, recorded and mixed an album for vocal trio, The Marshalls, and tracked an album for up and coming Ecudoran singer, James Febris. All tracking was done at The Tracking Room, Nashville and at my studio, My Space Recording. Read the rest of this entry »

129 pieces

Orchestral Recording at Ocean Way Nashville

Orchestral Recording at Ocean Way Nashville

Wow, what a month. In just four weeks I’ve recorded orchestral scores for 4 productions I’m doing. Two great projects for Disney, The Little Mermaid and an adaptation of Winnie The Pooh, an adaptation of The Wizard of Oz, and a new Christmas show for Busch Gardens Williamsburg featuring scoring from the Vancouver Olympic opening ceremony. All told, 129 pieces of music.
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RBN creators club workshop
Just an update on what’s been doing and what’s coming up in the near future.

I’ve finished mixing a 4 song demo for Latin rockers FLUX, produced by Jose Miguel Velasquez. The band is one part Blink 182, one part Green Day (and maybe a dash of Latin Kings).

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Dan Rudin at work tracking Camp Rock

At work tracking Camp Rock

In the last week of July, production for Disney’s “Camp Rock – The Musical” began in earnest here at our studio. The musical is a new theatrical work based on the songs and characters of Disney Channel movies “Camp Rock” and “Camp Rock 2” (set to air Sept 3).

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