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Ground To Crown is a short form documentary film about a team of tree climbers from Cornell University and their annual trip to climb the Giant Sequoia trees in California to aid U.C. Berkeley. The film was produced by the climbers themselves, directed and edited by Colin Crilley. The film tells a compelling story and shares the experience and excitement of climbing trees that are nearly 300 feet tall and is full of beautiful camera work by director of photography Jake Rudin. Yes, it’s cool to work on a film that my son is in!

For the score I composed, I wanted to convey a feeling of “Americana” that Read the rest of this entry »

Last year, I composed and produced the score to a television commercial for Germany’s passenger rail system, Deutsche bahn. Though we do quite a bit of commercial music for Europe, the spot, beautifully shot, very edgy and very funny, was a bit different than anything I’d done to date with my sister company IV Music, so I really didn’t know how it would be received.

Apparently it was received well! The spot, called Der Chef Kommt, won 8 awards including 2 New York Festivals Awards, EuroBest, Effie, EPICA and 3 DDP Awards. If you don’t know what these awards are… well, neither do I, but it’s always nice to have something I scored get some thumbs ups.

In the score, I was asked to strongly convey the feeling of ennui that the office workers might feel, then move straight to a buffo, Big-Valley Western gunslinger as the Boss arrives back at the office, EARLY, because he’s taken the new rail system instead of driving. No problem… we all know what ennui sounds like, right? Remarkably, my first draft was accepted with a minor revision to the vocal in the second half. It was a great gig.

You can find the long version of this spot on the video side of my work page. Here’s the short version of the commercial

And here is a great article on IV and what CEO/ CCO Steve Keller is doing with audio branding.

I recently had the opportunity to spend some time with Audio Impressions’ Notatation Switchblade, here’s what I found:

Making accurate, readable score parts from DAW midi tracks takes a bit more know-how, elbow grease and time than most people are willing to devote. Among the biggest challenges from session to page are the optimum stemming of notes (the grouping of sub-divided beats to be most easily readable), dynamic markings and articulations. And when working with a copyist, any vagaries in your midi file can add up to extra charges while the copyist verifies all instrument, mute and articulation changes.

Enter Audio Impressions’ Notation Switchblade. The company claims that Switchblade can save you time by interpreting your midi data and simplifying some of these chores for you. Switchblade reads standard midi files (.smf) and outputs Music XML (MXML) for importing into score preparation apps like Finale and Sibelius. Read the rest of this entry »

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Video Reel screen shot

I’ve added a flash video reel with some of my work for picture. I’ll be adding more clips as I crunch them to flv. These examples feature some of the many fun things I do in the studio, including sound design, composition, mixing and editing.

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