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On site final mix in Shamu's theater, SeaWorld of Texas

Producing music for theatrical productions presents many challenges you don’t often face when doing record, film or tv work. Whether for a Broadway style show or, in the case of “Shamu’s Rockin’ Creepshow”, a multi-media, live animal production, there are dialog, SFX, natural animal noises and odd playback systems to contend with. I find that a first-hand knowledge of the end use and venue can really informs my composition and production decisions for each project. Read the rest of this entry » is a website that makes high-quality, professional music mixing easily available to a wide range of people. The flat-fee and e-commerce basis of the site eliminates some of the difficulties that artists and producers face when approaching a top-notch mix engineer.

The services offered at webmix are not designed to compete with my full production, recording and mixing services, but to extend my mix engineering to a new group of musicians and artists.  Now that great performances can be captured almost anywhere, the need for an experienced mixer to pull all the pieces together is greater than ever.

Available in 5 languages, webmix has been custom designed to make it easy to hire a pro mix engineer from anywhere in the world.

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Congratulations to Belmont students Chris Diener, Garrett Miller and Nick Spezia, who were winners of the 2008 Audio Engineering Society (AES) Nashville Spring Mixer competition. The Belmont mix trio beat participating teams from Middle Tennessee State University, Nashville State Technical Institute, the School of Audio Engineering and the International Academy of Design and Technology. Their mix of Faith Hill’s “Sunday Night Football” was chosen as the best mix in the competition by a panel of five industry judges: Dan Rudin, Mike Poston, Todd Robbins, Steve Bishir and Bob Olhsson.

The AES Spring Mix Competition is an annual event sponsored by Nashville’s local AES Chapter. Schools with student chapters enter one team representing their school. Each team is given eight hours to mix the same song in an identically equipped studio at CMT’s 330 Post Studios located in downtown Nashville. Mixes are judged and scored by leading industry professional engineers and producers. Winners receive a variety of prizes donated by manufacturers and local music stores.

Belmont has won the trophy three out of the last five years since the competition’s inception. This year’s win brings the trophy back home after a two-year residence at MTSU. Second-time senior participant Garrett Miller notes, “The competition was a lot of fun, and it was great opportunity to hear what industry professionals have to say about mixes, especially our own mixes.”

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