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Orchestra session using tempo maps

Preparing and using midi files and tempo maps for live recording

If you’re a composer today, you’re often tasked with twice the work you once were. Not only are you composing a score, but also creating an elaborate virtual instrument mock-up (or even final master recording) of the composition at the same time. When you add all of the hybrid musical styles used in scoring for games or picture, you end up with an almost infinite number of combinations of work-flow, software, and virtual/live instrumentation to manage – all within the allotted time and budget.

If only there was a tool that could allow you to successfully manage all these tasks, from composition to final audio master.
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The Saturday Night Fever Rhythm Section and Production team

The Saturday Night Fever Rhythm Section and Production team

In the early 1970’s, music was getting heavier and more serious all the time. Rock bands were writing album long epic journeys, and Funk became the soundtrack for a wide audience as race relations changed in America. Disco, on the other hand, was more about feeling good and forgetting your daily cares, so it’s little wonder that, at the time, Disco was thought by many to be a mindless or soulless musical movement. Read the rest of this entry »

In an age where being versatile is not only respected but essential, I feel very privileged to work on such a wide range of excellent projects.

Recently, among other things, I’ve finished production on a development project for alt-indy rockers The Pursuits; a production of Miss Saigon for MTI; Camp Rock, The Musical for Disney; mixing for new pop diva B.E.T.A (watch for her…. she’s killer); and mixing of a re-record by cowpunk rockabilly legends Dash Rip Rock of their hit Johnny Ace for Rockband.
Here are some selections I’d love to share…. pass it around!

Music Game Studio

If you don’t know already, my company Music Game Studio makes game play versions of artists songs. more on that here. And we have Youtube and Vimeo channels of our game creations as well!

Dan Rudin at work tracking Camp Rock

At work tracking Camp Rock

In the last week of July, production for Disney’s “Camp Rock – The Musical” began in earnest here at our studio. The musical is a new theatrical work based on the songs and characters of Disney Channel movies “Camp Rock” and “Camp Rock 2” (set to air Sept 3).

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<img src="" alt="Mayer Hawthorne, one man band" title="Mayer Hawthorne" class="size-medium wp-image-907" srcset="https://i2.wp have a peek at this 300w, 150w, 570w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” data-recalc-dims=”1″ />

Mayer Hawthorne, one man band

by Dan Rudin

Just 29 years old, and playing every instrument on his album, Mayer Hawthorne is undeniably a bad-ass. His songs and (self produced) production style sound so close to 60’s soul that it’s hard to believe that this record has only been out for a month. His vocal tone reminds me of early Elvis Costello, but his tracks are pure Smoky Robinson.
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The Radio at is finally fully functional.  The Radio is a password protected page on the site that enables clients to remotely listen to progress on their projects.  Featuring a real time, high quality stereo audio stream and an integrated jabber chat room, clients can monitor and participate in sessions from anywhere in the world.

Recently, this new technology was hugely successful during a piano overdub session here at the studio. The two clients were monitoring in differnet NYC locations, while pianist Steve Kummer played.  Client comments came quickly via chat to the control room and also to Steve (who had his laptop signed in as well), while they received musician and console talkback via the audio stream in addition to chat from us.

Passwords are changed and issued on a per-project basis.

The Radio page has taken long distance collaboration a leap forward by integrating several internet based solutions into one easily accessible page that works with any internet browser.  Whether monitoring in their own studio or sitting at a cafe wearing headphones, clients can now easily participate in sessions even if they are unable to attend them in person. 

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