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I thought I’d share a bit of our production music for Royal Caribbean’s Saturday Night Fever. This project was very fun to record and it looks like the full theatrical production will be really spectacular. Enjoy!

RCL’s preview video

In an age where being versatile is not only respected but essential, I feel very privileged to work on such a wide range of excellent projects.

Recently, among other things, I’ve finished production on a development project for alt-indy rockers The Pursuits; a production of Miss Saigon for MTI; Camp Rock, The Musical for Disney; mixing for new pop diva B.E.T.A (watch for her…. she’s killer); and mixing of a re-record by cowpunk rockabilly legends Dash Rip Rock of their hit Johnny Ace for Rockband.
Here are some selections I’d love to share…. pass it around!

Music Game Studio

If you don’t know already, my company Music Game Studio makes game play versions of artists songs. more on that here. And we have Youtube and Vimeo channels of our game creations as well!


by Dan Rudin

by Dan Rudin

Here are some questions that I am often asked with, I hope, some helpful answers….

What do you do?
As a producer, I help the artist or songwriter decide how to record a performance of a song in a way that best fits their vision of what the song should be. This ranges from helping to choose which songs to perform or in what style to do a particular song, to hiring the best musicians and studio for the particular job. I book studio time, musicians, and engineers (if not myself), rehearse the band if needed, and guide the vocalists and instrumentalists through their performances to make professional recordings.

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IV music‘s German office came in to my studio with an interesting job last week. Working on an ad campaign for German car manufacturer Opel, I mixed 6 different versions of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” (one of which I arranged and produced) in one day! Each version was arranged in a completely different genre; indie folk, lounge jazz, pop punk, euro country, trance, and rap.

I thought it was a very cool bunch of tracks, check it out.

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