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In an age where being versatile is not only respected but essential, I feel very privileged to work on such a wide range of excellent projects.

Recently, among other things, I’ve finished production on a development project for alt-indy rockers The Pursuits; a production of Miss Saigon for MTI; Camp Rock, The Musical for Disney; mixing for new pop diva B.E.T.A (watch for her…. she’s killer); and mixing of a re-record by cowpunk rockabilly legends Dash Rip Rock of their hit Johnny Ace for Rockband.
Here are some selections I’d love to share…. pass it around!

Music Game Studio

If you don’t know already, my company Music Game Studio makes game play versions of artists songs. more on that here. And we have Youtube and Vimeo channels of our game creations as well!

orchestra for MTI's Miss Saigon

Orchestra recording for MTI's Miss Saigon

I am currently working on a new recording of Miss Saigon for MTI (in conjunction with Cameron Mackintosh). David Weinstein did the modified orchestration and conducted the orchestra during recording last week. Because of the pit-sized orchestra, I elected to record this project in layers here at my studio (rather than all players at once in a larger studio as I often do), tracking drum set, electric bass and guitars separately from the Strings, winds and brass.

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In the studio with The Pursuits

I’ve been working with Nashville based Alt Rock band, The Pursuits. Good songs, interesting guitar textures, thoughtful vocal performances…. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Mistakes I've made and the lessons they've taught me

5 Mistakes I've made and the lessons they've taught me

We all make mistakes, it’s just human nature. Here are a few I’ve made and the hard earned lessons they taught me. I hated living through each one of these, but freely admit that they’ve made me better at my job, and hopefully a better person too.

5. When introduced to the artist’s wife, don’t say “Sorry I didn’t get to meet you when you dropped (the artist) off here last week.”

Read the rest of this entry » is a website that makes high-quality, professional music mixing easily available to a wide range of people. The flat-fee and e-commerce basis of the site eliminates some of the difficulties that artists and producers face when approaching a top-notch mix engineer.

The services offered at webmix are not designed to compete with my full production, recording and mixing services, but to extend my mix engineering to a new group of musicians and artists.  Now that great performances can be captured almost anywhere, the need for an experienced mixer to pull all the pieces together is greater than ever.

Available in 5 languages, webmix has been custom designed to make it easy to hire a pro mix engineer from anywhere in the world.

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