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Here’s a video taken by an audience member at a performance of Busch Gardens new musical, “CelticFyre”. I recorded and mixed the music for play-back with music director/arranger Gary Lensenmayer. The majority of the tracks were recorded here at my studio, with the Celtic dance sections at Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin with composer Colm O’Foghlu. I think the choreography and cast are great. Check it out, it’s in three parts if you get hooked!

At age 21, Texas singer, songwriter and guitarist JOHNNY COOPER is already a well-traveled musician. He’s released two albums, 2007’s IGNITION and 2009’s FOLLOW, and performed over 800 shows – averaging 200 a year.

His new album FOLLOW (Tenacity Records) is an evocative blend of soul, blues, rock and pop -produced by Glenn Rosenstein and Dexter Green

Johnny Cooper “Don’t Feel Like That Anymore” Preview Video from dan rudin on Vimeo.

This is one solid, intense, yet trippy and melodic alternative rock band. Gentlemen At Arms music is accessible enough to entertain small clubs and powerful enough to rock arenas slimming tablets that work fast. ~Indie

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The KINGS of y’allternative, electro-rock hip-hop, FAMILY FORCE FIVE mash genres like no others.  Their feverish beats and electrifying riffs have captivated audiences worldwide. Radiator, from the Dance or Die album, is guaranteed to make your booty shake and your head bang.

Here’s a Rock Band preview of “Redemption” by the Andy Timmons Band visite site. This one is FUN to play! (we know… we play them hundreds of times before they go out)

Please see our Vimeo page for this video!

With several songs in the pipeline for the new Rock Band Network, I thought I’d post a couple of videos for you to check out. We author all the game play gems, the character behavior, lip sync, lighting, camera cuts… you name it. Check these out. You’ll be able to buy and play these songs on the Rock Band Network as soon as it’s open.

We’ll update with final video as soon as it’s possible.

Here’s a very early preview of “Redemption” by Andy Timmons. (No overdrive in this beta)

Please see our new Vimeo page for this video

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