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Here’s a video taken by an audience member at a performance of Busch Gardens new musical, “CelticFyre”. I recorded and mixed the music for play-back with music director/arranger Gary Lensenmayer. The majority of the tracks were recorded here at my studio, with the Celtic dance sections at Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin with composer Colm O’Foghlu. I think the choreography and cast are great. Check it out, it’s in three parts if you get hooked!

The sets, the hair, the spectacle!

Abuse of Youtube. You do have to wait for the top octave though.

Well, if you don’t know who they are then please watch this video before we go further… go ahead, I’ll wait

Killer huh?
There are so many incredibly talented people out there making amazing art, and I think that these two from california epitomize the music revolution that the internet has spawned.

Getting to hear two people performing (very well) honest, quirky renditions of songs new and old is a treat. They seem to hide nothing in their craft…. it’s like being invited home to meet their families. The arrangements are great, the singing is captivating, and THEN, they make these great videos! Have you ever tried to make a good video? I have and it’s hard. Forget the fact that they are cute as hell, they make really well crafted videos. There are a bunch on youtube; check them all out.

More on pomplamoose at

Are you yourself or have you found someone doing something really fresh as well? Let me know, I’d love to hear it!

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