Below are the download links for our custom DDP Player for both Windows and Mac.

To install the DDP Player OEM on both Windows or Mac, follow these steps.

The DDP Player is now installed! During the first startup you will be asked to enter our Studio Key. Clients will have a studio key emailed to you.

Using the Dan Rudin DDP Software

To use the DDP Player on both Windows or Mac, follow these steps.

There is also an iPhone/iPad app available for checking your masters on the go.

After you have downloaded and installed the iOS DDP Player, open the app, choose the “Enter studio key” and enter the key sent to your email.

You will only need to do this the first time you download the app.

Once you have installed the app, copy the link to the DDP from the email you received and navigate into the DDP Player section of the iOS DDP Player app. The iOS DDP Player app will then detect the download link in your clipboard and ask if you would like to download and unzip the DDP file from the link.

Once the DDP is loaded on your iOS device, you can then listen to the master.

A DDP is a large, full resolution file, so please allow time for it to fully download to your device. We advise that you be on a WiFi network rather than your cell network to avoid high data usage. After reviewing, to delete a DDP file set from your device swipe left on the DDP folder in the Local Folder page (or you can use the edit button in the top right corner of the Local Folder page.)