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Visit the schematic vault to access my collection of hundreds of pro audio schematics, manuals and reference materials. It is a searchable library, all downloadable, muti-page pdf’s of vintage and modern recording equipment. From the studio classics like Neve, Urie, and API to the rarest of the rare, hopefully you’ll find what you’re looking for.

pro audio schematic diagram

Electronics Theory

Wonderful electronics resource!
Ohm’s Law
about electronic components
basic electronics online book
analog electronic theory
electronic calculators for everything
how to make PC boards
guide to tube circuit analysis and design

DIY Projects

Gyraf Audio
DIY Factory
Seventh Circle Audio
Allen Amplification
Metropoulos Amplification
Weber Amplifier Kits
AMZ Effects Projects
Build Your Own Clone

Part Sources

Tube Depot
The Tube Store
Mojo Musical Supply
Goldpoint Level Controls
Sowter Audio Transformers

Community Forums

Pro Sound Web
Prodigy Pro DIY
Sound On Sound
Recording Consoles of the 20th Century